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Greetings from our developing world and Vic and Barby Ulmer

We wish you peace, joy, good health and love! odw

-- Barby, Ava, Mo Dane,Ogie, Craig, Karen, Vi

Such a rich year! Dane and Ogie are partially hid-den in the photo. Ogie and Ava both have jobs and have moved into their own spaces so Mo and Craig are empty nesters ( except Wednesdays when the kids come back for dinner and laun-dry!!! ) Karen has taken early retirement from teaching.Weʼre so pleased she comes here often and is so helpful. She and Craig had a great time with Vic while Barby led a small group to Cuba with Joseph. We´re grateful for Gay Lynnʼs help!

Wally´s memorial really captured his variety filled life. What a change for Joan! 62 years!

odw continued in 2015 with at least ten potlucks with films or programs and raffles includ-ing report backs from Cuba with Seema´s mojitos!, Fr.Michael Lapsley from South Africa and two Pete Seeger Sing-alongs with Mark Wallace. We´ve also joined in many pro-grams on South Africa, Cuba and Palestine. We´ve added to our webpage of ready to use resources and lessons and given many boxes of resources to schools. We con-tinue to join our peace vigil community every Friday and go to dinner after. Lots of honks for peace let us know that people don´t feel alone because we´re there.

Now that odw is 45 years old thanks to so many volunteers, donors, reality tour and event and Fair trade handcraft sale participants weʼ´re going back to our roots: a vacation/reality tour to Guatemala on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan where our dear Mayan friend Chati runs a lovely hotel in a non touristy area. We can hike, kayak, visit villages, rest in a hammock in the organic garden where the produce for meals is grown, boat, visit the Institute for Meso America Perma Culture. Whatever individuals choose! Join us for that week!!

Please put odw in your 2016 plans! And as always tax deductible donations are so welcome to replenish our scholarship fund.

May 2016 bring peace to our weary world

peace,Barby and Vic and our developing world


Dedicated to bringing the realities of the “third world” and the richness of diverse cultures to North Americans, our developing world(odw) provides teacher training and materials, and programs for community groups and classes, reality tours, a tri–annual newsletter — our developing world(odw)´s voices and a lending resource library free to local teachers. our developing world(odw) is a nonprofit, tax-deductible educational project.

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